Urban Style Kitchens in New York City, NY

If you are in need of new cabinetry for your kitchen and bathroom, we are here to help. At Luxcucina Ltd. we are a team of passionate and talented people who are dedicated to providing customers with high quality and durable products. Using the latest technology, we are able to deliver beautiful cabinetry with the utmost efficiency and competitive pricing. With tons of finishes, colors, and styles, you can browse our wide assortment to find the piece that seamlessly blends in with your décor and embodies your personal taste and preferences.

The Urban Collection captures the magic of mesmerizing and bustling metropolises. Influenced by museums, bistros, of-the-moment restaurants, bars, boutiques, galleries, and more, this cabinetry is perfect for an urbanite or anyone looking to add some on-trend, stylish pieces to his home. Available in ebony, mahogany, walnut, zebrawood, cherry, rosewood, teak, and more, you can choose the style and color that speaks to you with inspiration.

Using avant-garde techniques and an innovative blend of materials, trends, and colors, we can work with you to make your unique vision a reality. When it comes to home décor, we believe there is no such as settling. With a five year guarantee, you can rest assured that your cabinetry is in good hands. We have the resources and talent you need to unleash your imagination and create the décor you will be proud to display for years to come.

Urban Collection Options





Sapele Ribbon