5 Features to Add When Remodeling a Small Kitchen to Feel Roomier
12 Jun 2017

5 Features to Add When Remodeling a Small Kitchen to Feel Roomier


Whether you love to cook and lack the counter space you really need or are tired of having to go through an entire cupboard to find your favorite pots and pans, having a small kitchen can be tough. However, you don’t necessarily have to knock down a wall and expand your kitchen to make it feel and even look larger.

When you choose the right kitchen features while remodeling, you can look forward to a finished kitchen that feels roomier and is equipped with more storage space than you need. Read on to learn about five features that can pay off big when you’re remodeling a small kitchen.

1. Toe-Kick Drawers Add Storage Under Lower Cabinets

If you don’t have toe-kick drawers under your current lower kitchen cabinets, then you are missing out on a great additional place to store kitchen odds and ends, baking sheets, place mats, and even silverware. These slim drawers can be installed between the bottom edge of your cabinets and your kitchen floor, right inside the base of your kitchen cabinets.

Toe-kick drawers not only add the inconspicuous storage space all small kitchens need but also add pizzazz to your kitchen’s design.

2. An Island Adds Both Counter and Storage Space

Islands are useful in all kitchens but are especially handy in small ones. When you incorporate an island into your kitchen remodel design, you will not only gain counter space but also take advantage of the space underneath the island by using it as a storage area. Good items to store inside your island’s cabinets include small appliances, large pots and pans, and even your kitchen trash can.

While your kitchen may be too small for an L- or U-shaped island, galley islands are available in many sizes that fit perfectly in small kitchens. Another good option is a rolling island that you can tuck into a corner when you desire. Locking wheels will help ensure that your rolling island stays in place when you are preparing food on its countertop.

3. A Pot Rack Frees Up Cabinet Storage Space

If you are tired of digging through your kitchen cabinets to find your favorite pots and pans, then a pot rack is a great addition to your new kitchen that will keep all of your favorite pans within reach. A pot rack can be hung above your kitchen island or next to a wall.

However, pots and pans aren’t the only items you can hang on a pot rack; you can also hang attractive kitchen baskets and kitchen decor.

4. A Tilt-Out Sink Drawer Offers a Great Place to Hide Kitchen Cleaning Essentials

Nothing can detract from the look of a beautiful, newly remodeled kitchen more than a sink that has dish sponges, scrubbing pads, and wash cloths sprawled around it. However, if you were to stash these items in the cabinets under your sink, the moisture would create a breeding ground for mold and mildew inside them.

Instead, have a tilt-out sink drawer installed directly under your sink and above your kitchen cabinets. You can then have the drawer adorned with a face that matches your cabinetry. You’ll end up with a great mildew-resistant, easy-to-access place to hide your kitchen cleaning essentials when they are not in use.

5. Light Colors Create a Roomier Feel

When choosing the color scheme of any small space, you want to embrace lighter colors to give the room a more open feel and appearance. If your kitchen is currently adorned in dark colors, then you will notice a big difference in the feel of the room after you paint the walls a light color and have light-colored cabinetry installed.

Beautiful, pastel-colored cabinets from the Luxcucina English Country or French Country collections are great cabinet options when you want your kitchen to feel more open and airy. However, darker wood flooring and a few darker details can add depth and warmth to the room without detracting from its new airy feeling.

These tips can help you make your kitchen remodel everything you want it to be. For more ideas, talk to the kitchen-design experts at Luxcucina.

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