4 Things a Home Chef Expects in a Luxury Kitchen
24 Mar 2017

4 Things a Home Chef Expects in a Luxury Kitchen

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Dedicated home chefs and bakers love pretty kitchens, but luxury to a cook has an entirely different meaning when it comes to which upgrades qualify as truly lavish. If you’re remodeling a kitchen to create a luxury working space for a food-making fan, you must include those upgrades that will actually be used, not merely seen.

A culinary explorer wants a kitchen that’s intuitively laid out for the general or specialty cuisine they cook most often. The cook also wants top-of-the-line appliances to ensure predictable and consistent results from kitchen efforts. Learn what updates to consider below.

The Sink Must Be a Monster

True home chefs do not mess around when it comes to dirtying pots, pans, mixing bowls, and utensils. Cooks who make large batches of sauces, soups, or jellies need deep, wide sinks that accommodate full sheet pans and stock pots.

High-profile faucets make it easy to fill tall pots. They also make it easy to maneuver large pans and platters when washing and soaking.

Today’s high-profile faucets are anything but utilitarian only. There are ornate, super modern, and vintage high-profile faucets to suit any decor. Attached sprayers are also a welcome work saver.

Prep Space Has to Be Preppy

Your prep space is no good if you must constantly move items away from the work surface or it’s not knife safe. Cooks who prep lots of veggies and proteins need ample counter or island space that’s knife-safe and easy to sanitize.

Built-in chopping blocks or slide-in-place cutting boards are two options. Durable soapstone countertops are another choice. Knife storage should be convenient to the prep area.

Strive to create an easy transition from fridge to sink to prep area to stove for easier movements when cooking. The smooth transition can be accomplished with the arrangement of kitchen elements. It can also be facilitated by having ample bowl, tray, and pan storage under the prep area so you can move items quickly and securely.

Fridges and Freezers Should Chill Correctly

Home chefs who use a lot of perishable ingredients in their cuisine want reliable refrigerators and freezers. A true luxury upgrade for a chef is a walk-in fridge/freezer combo kept at the optimum temperature for vegetables, meats, and frozen foods.

The next best thing is a wi-fi-enabled, dual-zone fridge that can be set to keep veggies at the prime, non-rotting temps. Plenty of freezer space is also a must for cooks who like having plenty of
ingredients on hand.

For wine aficionados, a single zone wine refrigerator is a luxury to cherish, or you can choose a sapphire-lit, impeccably clear ice machine for the amateur bartender.

The Baking Game Has to Rise

Bakers and pastry chefs view the kitchen quite differently from the rest of the cooking world. The baker wants bulk flour and sugar storage hidden behind accessible cabinets. A large pantry for storing specialty dry ingredients is also a must-have. Space for cooling racks should definitely be incorporated into the kitchen design.

Cabinets should be designed to hold many shapes of cake, bread, and cupcake pans. Vertical storage for every baker’s collection of sheet pans must also be incorporated into a luxury baker’s kitchen. Bread makers appreciate a proof box and large convection oven.

Countertop materials like quartz are appreciated, because they can take the heat of a hot muffin tin. Drawers and shelves should be designed to accommodate mixers, decorating supplies, and measuring spoons. Alternatively, an overhead pot rack and hooks make a baker’s dream storage upgrade for hanging dough hooks, mixer attachments, springform pans, and pastry tools.

Every chef or cook has their ideal stove or range, but most chefs prefer gas-stovetop cooking because they enjoy more control over the foods they fry or simmer. A six-burner gas stovetop with a high-powered fan is the ultimate cooktop luxury to a cook.

Luxcucina is ready to help you transform your kitchen into an oasis of cooking and visual pleasure. Call us today to begin crafting the chef’s kitchen of your dreams.

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