9 Ways to Optimize Your Gallery Kitchen
30 Jan 2017

9 Ways to Optimize Your Gallery Kitchen


Galley kitchens have a bad reputation for feeling cramped and small. The practicality of this style, however, is undeniable. So how can you get rid of the cramped feeling and still take advantage of the usefulness of a galley kitchen?

In this blog, we go over nine different ways that you can optimize your galley kitchen by redecorating, remodeling, or rethinking your kitchen design.

1. Accent Colors

Using bright and exciting colors as accents are the perfect way to make a bland galley kitchen memorable. Lighter base colors are a good way to make your kitchen feel clean and open. Accent colors make an area more dynamic and interesting.

2. Wainscoting or Beadboard

If your galley kitchen isn’t open on both ends, you have to decide what to do with the end wall. The most classic options are wainscoting and beadboard. Installing one of these textures in the same color as your cabinets creates a bridge between the two sides of the room and can make the space feel wider.

3. Artwork

Another option to decorate the wall at the end of your kitchen is artwork. You can choose a smaller piece with a loud pop of color or you can opt for a large statement piece. Even if you happen to have a door or window in the wall, you can still find artwork that works with the space and rounds it out.

4. Natural Light

Even in a spacious galley kitchen, the space can feel dark or heavy. One of the many ways you can make your kitchen feel more welcoming is by adding natural light. This step may mean installing windows, windowed doors, or even skylights. The renovation will make the space feel larger and fresher.

5. Lighting

Reconfiguring your lighting plan can also help make your kitchen feel larger. If you have an existing fixture in the middle of the room, install lighting under the cabinets so the whole room is adequately lit. If you don’t have a center fixture, rows of pot lights along the edges of the room are perfect.

6. Mirrors, Frosted Glass, and Stainless Steel

By incorporating several materials into your kitchen’s design, you can trick the eye into seeing more space. Installing unbroken mirrors on your walls is a classic way to make a room feel more open. Stainless steel appliances create a similar effect. Switching out wooden cabinet doors for frosted glass doors also creates an illusion of more space.

7. Open Shelving

Tearing out some of your cabinets and installing open shelving can have a similar space-enlarging effect. Only add open shelving if you can keep your shelves pristine and well-organized. If kept clean, open shelving can make your galley kitchen feel open and provide you with a place to display decorative kitchenware.

8. Vertical and High Space

If the layout of your kitchen simply doesn’t allow the space to feel wider, you can open up the space by making it feel taller. Tall cupboards and cabinets, high windows, or even a tall piece of artwork on the end wall will make the ceiling seem higher, and, in turn, can make your kitchen feel larger.

9. An Island or Breakfast Bar

Even if you aren’t trying to remodel or redecorate an existing galley kitchen, you can still create the functionality of a galley kitchen. Installing an island or breakfast bar opposite of a cabinet wall will serve this purpose. Without a full wall acting as the other half of your galley, you can have the spaciousness of an open kitchen with the practicality of a galley kitchen.

Talk to an interior designer today about more ways to best optimize your galley kitchen.

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