22 Aug 2016

How to Organize Your New Kitchen

Once you’ve finished your kitchen remodel, your work isn’t quite done. Now begins the hard work of figuring out where to store all your kitchen items-from food to silverware to appliances like slow cookers-in your newly reorganized kitchen.

Below, we’ll give you some advice on how to take advantage of your new kitchen to make cooking and gathering in the kitchen as easy as possible. In particular, we’ll focus on how you can take advantage of your new cabinets to keep your kitchen well organized, clean, and clutter-free.

1. Keep Your Countertops As Neat As Possible

You might like to keep items like your spice rack or appliances like your rice cooker out on the countertop for easy access. But the more items you keep on your countertop, the less space you have to cook, and the more cluttered your new kitchen looks.

Instead of leaving your bread maker, rice cooker, and crockpot out on the countertop, put them in your cabinets. Heavy appliances should go in the lower cabinets instead of up in the higher cabinets. Otherwise, you could hurt yourself when you try to remove the items. Put anything you don’t use reach for often in the cabinets at the edges of the kitchen, away from your typical cooking station.

Spices are a little trickier to store than appliances. Instead of putting them in a cabinet, you can put them in a top drawer near where you usually cook. Stack them side by side with the labels facing up. Alternatively, you can add a Lazy Susan to one of the cabinets and arrange your most frequently used spices around it with the labels facing out.

2. Stack Dishes and Glassware in Cabinets Near the Sink

Most people use dishes and glassware every day. Since you use these items so frequently, you want them within easy reach. If you store these items in the cabinets above the sink or the lower cabinets near the dishwasher, you can both put them away quickly after they’re clean and reach them easily as you prepare to serve your next meal.

3. Hang Measuring Tools in Cabinets Instead of in Drawers

If you have ample drawer space, you can always store your measuring cups and spoons in an easy-to-reach drawer. However, if you have a smaller kitchen, you can install hooks on the inside of your cabinet doors, especially a cabinet above the sink or your preferred cooking station.

This technique makes the measuring tools a little easier to use. You won’t have to stack the measuring spoons and cups on top of each other-simply hang them by descending size.

If you add small hooks to the backs of your cabinets, choose sturdy but easy-to-remove hooks that won’t damage your new cabinets. Don’t use nails or push pins.

4. Store Pots and Pans Lower Down or Add a Ceiling Pot Rack

Pots and pans are heavier than glassware and dishes, so they should be stored in a low cabinet where they won’t fall or put too much pressure on the shelves. Try storing them in the cabinets close to the stove and oven.

On the other hand, if you’d rather use the cabinets near the stove to store baking dishes or other items, try adding a ceiling pot rack. The rack keeps the pots and pans up high enough that you won’t hit your head on them, but it’s sturdy enough that your pans won’t fall.

Ceiling pot racks also add a fun, quirky design element. If you have matching stainless steel or copper pots and pans, keeping them on display and within easy reach is a great way to help your kitchen stand out. Even if you’ve already finished your kitchen remodel, you can easily add a pewter, copper, or nickel pot rack to complement the rest of your kitchen’s design.

Make the Most of Your New Kitchen

As you find spots in your new kitchen to place your appliances, pots and pans, dishware, and spices, use the tips listed above to maximize your space and take advantage of your new cabinets. And if you haven’t updated your cabinets in a few years, check out the collections at Luxcucina to amplify your kitchen and improve its organization.


  1. I like your recommendation to organize your kitchen by adding a hanging pot rack or something similar. Being able to keep your pots and pans out of cabinets would allow for a lot more storage space and easier access to those things. Plus you would be able to wash them and hang them up to dry which would save you money by not having to put them into the dishwasher!

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