16 Aug 2016

2016’s Most Popular Cabinet Door Designs

Homeowners can feel overwhelmed at all of the options available when choosing a design for the cabinets in
their kitchens. The design you choose for your cabinet doors will especially play a major role in the overall
design of your kitchen. Fortunately, whether you prefer simple or elaborate, you are sure to find a style you

The following are some of this year’s most popular cabinet door designs.


Flat cabinet doors have no grooves or frames. The simple, flat cabinet door design is ideal if you want to
create a modern, contemporary design in your kitchen.

If you choose the flat cabinet door style, take extra care when you choose the finish and color of the
cabinets. Other than the finish and color, these cabinets have no other significant style or design.

Most cabinet retailers offer flat cabinet doors in either wood or laminate finishes. Some homeowners opt
for laminate finishes because they are less expensive and come in a wide variety of sheens and colors. Others
choose a wood finish for their durability.

The only feature on most flat cabinet doors is the hardware – knobs or handles. However, some homeowners
even choose to eliminate the hardware and just have a plain surface. If you want hardware on your flat
cabinets, consider trying brushed nickel or stainless steel handles to enhance the modern design of your


One of the most timeless cabinet door styles is shaker cabinetry. Shaker cabinets have four pieces on the
edges of the cabinet door that create a frame over a flat, center panel. Shaker cabinets are sometimes called
recessed panel cabinets as well. These types of cabinet doors have been around since the 1700’s and are still
a popular choice among homeowners.

Shaker cabinet doors can complement a wide variety of styles and designs, from contemporary to
traditional. If you are unsure about which style you want, or you think you may change the design of your
kitchen, the shaker cabinet doors are an ideal option. For instance, shaker cabinet doors can look rustic by
burning the finish and maintaining the natural wood grain. Or, shaker cabinets can look contemporary by
painting the wood with one solid color.

Shaker cabinets also range in pricing to match most homeowner’s budgets. If you want a less expensive
option for shaker cabinets, consider a natural finish rather than a painted finish.


If you don’t want your cabinets to extend past the cabinet frame, consider an inset design. Inset cabinet
doors are measured to rest inside the frame of the cabinet door, which provides a smooth, flat cabinet
surface. Although this style looks great, it does tend to cost more because of the precision required to
install the doors so that they are flush with cabinet frames.

While most inset cabinets come with hidden hinges, some homeowners prefer exposed hinges. However, if you
choose exposed hinges, consider that each cabinet door will require two hinges. The more hinges your cabinets
require the more the overall price for the cabinets will increase.


While you may be used to seeing louvered slats over windows or interior doors, you can also choose this
design for your cabinet doors. The thin, horizontal slats can add a striking architectural appeal to the
design of a kitchen. Louvered cabinets also tend to have small gaps between slats, which is ideal if you need
ventilation in some cabinets.

Keep in mind that while louvered cabinets usually are more expensive, many people often justify the cost
for the beautiful design.


A cabinet design that is growing in popularity is beadboard. Beadboard cabinets have the traditional
shaker style with a beadboard pattern in the center panel. This pattern is a great way to add texture to your

The beadboard design is best used in kitchens with a cottage chic or country farmhouse design.


Consider one of these popular cabinet door options for the cabinets in your kitchen. Once you have chosen
a cabinet door design that you love, call the professionals at Luxcucina to help you order and install your


  1. Nicki Baker Says: September 27, 2017 at 2:05 am

    Does anyone have a picture of the Luxor Miranda Cabinet Door in high gloss white? I am trying to choose between the Miranda or the Laura Door for my cabinets but have never seem a picture of the Miranda which the store is recommending as they are easier to open when hardware is not being used, which I would prefer not to use.

    Also, does the Luxor high gloss cabinet door come in different qualities or is there only one high gloss cabinet door available?

    Thak you

    • There is no Miranda door. Many different door styles can be produced in a high gloss finish. The door you are interested in is called “inspiration” which because of it’s design has a pull incorporated into the door itself. I photo of both doors has been emailed to you for comparison. ST

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