25 Jul 2016

10 Functional Additions to Optimize Your Cupboards

In your kitchen, functionality matters just as much as style and ambiance. When you make renovations, you
likely consider the elements of your kitchen that simply don’t meet your needs currently and try to improve

If you’ve already installed your best cupboards but are still having trouble making room for everything or
using the current space, a small add-on might be your solution.

In this blog, we list 10 smart and simple cupboard add-ons that can optimize your kitchen space.

1. Book Mount

Do your cookbooks have more stains than measurements? Do you hesitate to look up recipes on your tablet
for fear of damaging your device? Consider installing a book or tablet mount. These holders attach to the
bottom of an upper cabinet and suspend your guide above your cooking surface.

2. Bottle or Stemware Rack

If you often set your table with stemware, your cupboards may feel overloaded with delicate goblets and
glasses. Place a stemware rack on the bottom of an upper cabinet so your water goblets, snifters, or
champagne flutes can hang instead of taking up interior cabinet space. As a bonus, add a complementary bottle
rack to keep your dinnertime favorites on hand.

3. Cutting Board

Storing cutting boards can become frustrating, especially if they end up in drawers underneath your hand
tools. If you have space between a countertop and your top drawers, consider having a craftsman install a
sliding or removable cutting board.

4. Hidden Outlets

When you come home from work and immediately begin cooking, you may need an extra outlet to charge your
phone, keep your tablet-turned-cookbook alive, or simply power your handmixer. Consider adding an outlet or
power strip. You can place outlets inside drawers, under the edge of a countertop, or on the bottom of an
upper cupboard.

5. Knife Block

Free up more counter space by mounting your knife block elsewhere. Place your knife block inside a cabinet
to hide it from sight or install the block on the bottom of an upper cupboard for accessibility.

6. Lighting

Make your kitchen brighter and more user-friendly by installing extra lighting. Put strip lighting inside
glass cabinets for a fun accent or under a line of cupboards to make food preparation easier to see.

7. Mechanical Opener

Many mechanical and manual jar openers come in mostly flat models. To keep the opener handy at all times,
install it on the bottom of an upper cupboard or the bottom of a drawer. The flat shape keeps the opener from
becoming an eyesore.

8. Organizer

Think about the items you find difficult to store in your kitchen. Common items include baking sheets,
measuring cups, and tupperware. If you struggle to keep your cupboards organized, give yourself a hand with a
small add-on. Vertical shelving, similar to a magazine rack, can keep baking sheets in line, while internal
drawers or baskets can keep measuring cups and storage containers stacked.

9. Paper Towel Dispenser

Like your knife block, your paper towel dispenser is an invaluable tool that may get in the way when you
actually cook. If you have a hollow space in your cabinetry, consider creating a cubby to hold a permanent
dispenser. If you have less space, attach the dispenser to the bottom of an upper cabinet.

10. Spice Shelves

Small spice bottles get knocked over easily. To organize your spices, add small, shallow shelves to the
inside of a cabinet door. This shelf keeps your spices accessible without taking up wall or counter space.


Install one or more of these add-ons to make your kitchen work for you.

As you consider new kitchen renovations, consult with Luxcucina. Our design team helps homeowners,
interior decorators, and contractors make the most out of any kitchen space.

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