21 Jul 2016

Gold, Silver, Bronze: Hardware Colors That Complement Your Wood Cabinets

As important as the appliances, walls, and decor are to the overall appearance of a kitchen, small
elements can also make a big difference.

The hardware that you choose for your kitchen can make your cabinets look chic, your space look bigger,
and your kitchen work more smoothly. But the wrong hardware can do the opposite.

For the purposes of this blog, when we reference kitchen hardware, we’re including fixtures, like your
sink faucet and lighting. You should almost always stick to a single color for all these small elements to
keep your kitchen united visually.

In this blog, we go through several common wood cabinet colors to help you narrow down your hardware
options. Find your wood color below to learn more about possible hardware colors.

White, Whitewashed, or Light Antiqued Wood

Light wood creates an openness and lightness in a kitchen space. When you opt for white, choose your
hardware based on the feeling you want. To make white cabinets minimal, choose a matte black, silver, or
gold. Stay away from white and light hardware if you have true white or warm white cabinets.

Whitewashed and antiqued cabinets have an air of rustic charm. To emphasize that beauty, without competing
with the cabinet finish, choose contrasting hardware. Old gold and bronze can bring an elegance to countryesque
decor. Don’t opt for aged hardware that has a lot of texture, as this characteristic can make your
kitchen cabinetry look too busy.

Tan, Sand, or Beige Cabinets

As with other light cabinet colors, you want to create contrast when you have a tan or light brown cabinet
color palette. The hardware you choose depends mostly on the look you want to achieve. Here are some

  • Cosy-Warm tones like gold, burnished gold, and bronze create a homey feeling.
  • Modern-To bring modernity into your kitchen, stick to nickel or silver hardware in sleek,
    industrial shapes.
  • Sophisticated-Stark contrasts can up the elegance in your kitchen. Consider wrought iron and
    other dark metals for hardware that elevates your aesthetics.

Avoid any hardware that matches the tone or color of your cabinets too closely.

Medium-Tone Brown Wood

Traditional browns have perhaps the most forgiving nature when it comes to diverse hardware. Even black
hardware can look simple and futuristic with a natural mid-tone brown wood.

However, you should avoid any hardware that looks too much like your wood. For example, copper disappears
against lighter woods.

Red or Cherry Panels

Red and reddish cabinets create a striking visual that can often make a kitchen look more welcoming and
elegant. Your hardware should interact beautifully with the exact red in your cabinetry to avoid taking away
from your wood’s natural beauty.

To emphasize the warm tones in your red cabinets, choose yellow-gold, copper, or true bronze hardware. To
contrast with a darker red-brown, consider a matte-light finish color, such as chrome or nickel.

Chocolate, Near-Black, or Dark Lacquered Wood

Medium-tone hardware finishes often look best with dark cabinets. For example, with near-black woods,
bronze looks more reserved than shiny silver. However, you don’t have to stick with only neutral and dark
hardware colors just because you have dark cabinets.

If you want a lighter color, like silver, stick with a matte finish. Stainless steel, for example, looks
modern and quirky with dark lacquered cabinets.


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Keep this guide in mind as you search. While these tips needn’t make your decision for you, guidelines can
help you find your best combination.

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