20 Jul 2016

The Advantages of Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF) Cabinets

When you are looking for new cabinets, you may hear or see the term MDF. MDF means medium-density fiberboard and is a type of wood material. This wood material is made from wood residuals, resin binder, and wax.

MDF is often stronger and denser than plywood. Because of MDF’s durability, this material is commonly used in cabinetry.

When you’re ready to choose the material for your cabinets, consider the following benefits of MDF cabinets.

Durable in Humid Conditions

Unlike solid wood, MDF cabinets won’t expand or contract under intense humidity. Natural wood also absorbs water molecules from the air, which often results in warping. However, MDF cabinets are more resistant to water damage than solid wood.

However, MDF materials can still sometimes swell from water damages. If you take precautions to ventilate the area well, you likely won’t have a problem with moisture when you choose MDF materials for your cabinets. If you’re worried about moisture damaging your MDF cabinets, you can apply an oil-based finish to prevent shrinking or warping.

Versatile Design Options

MDF is made of fine wood particles, which means it has a smooth, unrecognizable grain surface. This surface is ideal for creating an evenly painted surface.

Unlike natural woods, MDF doesn’t have blemishes or knots. These blemishes often make evenly painting wood difficult. The clear, smooth surface of MDF is ideal when applying an evenly painted surface. If you want a wooden-looking surface on your MDF cabinets, there are stains available that make MDF look more like natural wood.

Manufacturers often use oil-based varnishes and paints to give MDF cabinets a clean, smooth finish. Manufacturers can use veneer and laminate on MDF cabinets as well. With all of the finish and paint options available, MDF allows you to choose from a variety of looks.

MDF materials are also versatile in the formation of the cabinet. Manufacturers can easily cut or mend MDF materials into unique designs. For instance, MDF materials can be dowelled together with glue or PVA wood glue. With MDF materials, manufacturers can create elaborate designs because the material is easier to shape than other materials.


One of the most attractive reasons to buy MDF cabinets is the low cost. MDF material is usually much less expensive than solid wood. MDF also has a comparable, or better, value than solid wood cabinets.

MDF materials also rarely fade in color, which means you won’t have to reapply paint or reinstall cabinets for many years. When you save money on purchasing cabinets, you can allow more money for other projects in your home.

Pest Resistant

When manufacturers make MDF cabinets, they use chemicals that are poisonous to some insects, like termites. Fortunately, these chemicals are strictly regulated by the government, so you don’t have to worry about the health of your family. These chemicals are also only applied during the manufacturing process, which means they won’t cause harm to you or your family by the time they reach your home.

When you install MDF cabinets, you can enjoy the benefits of fewer pests without worrying about safety hazards.

Environmentally Friendly

MDF materials are created using recycled wood pieces. When you choose MDF cabinets, you are helping reduce the number of trees used to create cabinets. In fact, some cabinets made of natural wood come from rare or endangered trees. With MDF materials, you can enjoy the beauty of these rare woods by applying veneer without imposing on the environment.

If you are considering installing cabinets made from medium-density fiberboard (MDF), consider these advantages. You can also contact the professionals at Luxcucina for additional information regarding MDF cabinet options.