14 Feb 2016

Your Home’s Heart and Soul: Crafting a Cozy Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Your family likely spends hours there every week cooking together, laughing together, and creating memories.

But even though you love spending time with your family in your kitchen, do you really love the way your kitchen looks? Or does its décor and aesthetic fail to reflect the way you feel about your family and home?

If it’s time to update your kitchen, make a few changes to ensure your kitchen both looks and feels like the center of your home. Below, we’ll give you a few tips on how you can change your kitchen’s layout, fixtures, and color scheme to make it a cozy, comfortable, and family-centric space.

1. Layout

Your kitchen’s layout has a lot to do with how your family moves around the kitchen. If you have a large island in the room’s center, your family has a place to gather and chat while you chop vegetables or roll out dough.

On the other hand, if your kitchen has wide countertops or large fixtures, you might have enough space to cook, but the space between your counters and the island might be too narrow for you and your family members to comfortably move around the kitchen.

Fortunately, your kitchen’s layout isn’t set in stone. No matter how your home’s original kitchen was designed, you can find a way to rearrange the design and add features that make the room cozier for your family.

Consider these design ideas:

Add an island to the center of the kitchen or add barstools to the counter.

If the two rooms are divided by a partition, open up your kitchen to the living room.

Add a snack bar or a cozy nook where your kids can work on their homework or simply sit and chat.

Add drawers that younger children can reach. Stock the drawers with healthy snacks or kid-friendly
kitchen utensils that kids can access if they want to help cook.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box-your kitchen should work for your unique family, so don’t settle until you find a layout that fits.

2. Fixtures

Your oven, stove, countertops, shelves, and cabinets can make or break your kitchen’s design. Metallic fixtures, like stainless steel countertops, look sleek and modern, but they won’t necessarily fit into a cozy kitchen designed for families.

Consider the look you want to create for your kitchen. Do you want it to look warm and welcoming? Invest in wood cabinets, wood flooring, and a unique brick backsplash. Do you want your kitchen to match your family’s sense of fun and adventure? Try adding a teal- colored old-fashioned oven, bronze or copper sinks and faucets, and a mosaic backsplash in bold, bright colors.

Again, don’t be afraid to branch out. Popular kitchen styles range from rustic to modern to farmhouse. With the right cabinets and other features and fixtures, you’ll design a kitchen that looks welcoming to guests and family members alike.

3. Color Scheme

The colors and shades you choose for your walls, floors, and cabinets set your kitchen’s tone. Depending on what mood you want in your kitchen, try some of the following designs:

Match white wood cabinets to pale blue or pale pink walls or wallpaper.

Match darker wood cabinets to warm, rosy granite countertops.

Match hardwood flooring to unique, elegant, and vintage wallpapers.

Pair white fixtures and stainless steel appliances with bold wall colors, like vivid yellow or green.

Bear in mind that warm colors tend to make a home look cozy while cool coolers make a room feel calm and soothing.

Invest in Your Kitchen

You spend a lot of time in your kitchen building memories with your friends and family members-so make sure the room’s look matches the way you feel about the time you spend there. Use these ideas to get started. At Luxcucina, we’re happy to help you find the perfect products to match your cozy new kitchen.